Vertical Theme Park Concept

A world first in city centre entertainment

An Iconic Destination

Completely unique city centre tower concept.

VTP® is an incredible city centre entertainment tower incorporating observation galleries, extreme activities, banqueting and VIP facilities, and most importantly……a breath-taking mix of family and adrenaline rides at heights never before dreamed possible.

At the base of the tower is a 21st century Entertainment Centre including some of the world's most exciting 4/5D immersive rides, family activities, cafés, bars, restaurants, ticketing and merchandising, as well as all the necessary back of house and security facilities.

The VTP is the result of years of private investment (US$15m), research, design engineering and economic validation and represents the 'next generation' city centre entertainment destination.

The concept is unique and non-replicable and delivered and safely operated by a world class management and operations team.

As a company we never stand still and we continue to work with our strategic partners to design and deliver the most thrilling, safe and cutting edge rides and attractions available in the market today….setting the standards for others to follow.

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The VTP World of Experience