Entertainment Centre

World Class Leisure Mix

The Entertainment Centre at the base of each VTP provides a world class leisure mix including 4 / 5D immersive rides, dining, retail, and other exciting family activities.

The Entertainment Centre is complementary to the tower providing a stunning architectural design solution and vibrant 21st century leisure hub by day and night. We work with 'best in class' partners within the Entertainment Centre to ensure an unforgettable and thrilling visitor experience. Key suppliers include industry leading companies such as www.simworx.co.uk

Representing the core focal point at the base of the tower, the internal layout will include key elements such as the selection of attractions and stand-alone profit centres (merchandising, food and beverage, games etc). Equally important are the public flow and space planning layout, staff facilities and other back of house requirements.

Exceptional theming and branding create a vibrant and engaging environment attracting visitors by day and night. This concept will be translated into every single detail to ensure a world class sensory experience that people will want to visit again and again.